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A Mobile Visit For 5 Dogs

by JoAnne Dykhuizen on 10/14/12

"We had JoAnne over to give all 5 of our pup’s (4 goldens & boxer) a canine massage… OMG… not only were we amazed our four legged furry one’s were too… they were so relaxed and mellow the entire day it was incredible… I had never seen anything like it before… Rocky the boxer almost fell asleep during his massage…no joke."  J. Drosset

Comments (2)

1. J Drosset said on 1/16/13 - 10:58AM
It's been too long... the pup's are in desparate need of another massage... can't wait to have JoAnne out again!!!
2. Jackie Biallas said on 11/5/13 - 12:29PM
JoAnne came to our house several times to give our 5 year old collie Izzy a massage. By the last time she new the drill, she layed down, relaxed and even purred like a cat she was so relaxed. Joanne has the magic touch!!!

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